individual therapy opelika

I offer individual counseling in Opelika for individuals struggling with anxiety, depression, and trauma/PTSD.


When most of us think of trauma, we think of the “big T” traumas like abuse and neglect. We often overlook the “little t” traumas that most of us experience: the little things that impact our day-to-day lives in ways we don’t quite understand.

When we experience something traumatic, sometimes our brain does not store it as a memory to be filed away. Instead, memories of that event remain close to the surface, ready to come up any time our system senses a similar scenario could or is happening.

This can lead to what feels like an overreaction but is actually our system reacting to suspected danger because of a memory.  Our past gets in the way of our present.

EMDR works to move those memories to a part of the brain that recognizes them as existing in the past so that events in the present do not trigger the overwhelming reaction. To learn more about EMDR, click here.

I don’t believe that you have to learn to “deal with” debilitating anxiety and depression, and I don’t think you have to be in therapy indefinitely to work through it, either. These beliefs are what led me to seek additional training in and work toward certification in EMDR therapy.

There is still hope for you. I would love to help you find what works for you as we work together to lower your anxiety, decrease depressive symptoms, and release the pain of the traumatic events you have experienced. Do you think we would be a good fit? Contact me today to get started.