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I believe that strong, healthy relationships can change your life, so I specialize in helping individuals and couples who are struggling with or within relationships.

Theoretical Approach

I utilize Emotionally Focused Therapy, elements of Attachment Theory, and Eye Movement Reprocessing and Desensitization (EMDR) with my clients.

Couples Therapy

My passion is helping couples through the use of Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT). This approach taps into the emotional experience of each couple within the relationship dynamic. Your emotions often define the relationship for you, and your experiences in the relationship are often different. The founders of EFT understand that and believe that emotion is key in making changes in relationships.

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Individual Therapy

I also offer individual sessions for adults and adolescents who are:

  • Battling PTSD and the effects of trauma in their lives
  • Struggling relationally due to life changes, transitions, and stress
  • Dealing with anxiety and depressive symptoms
  • In recovery from substance abuse
  • And other concerns

When working with individuals, I use elements of Attachment Theory and EMDR.

Attachment Theory takes a look at the history of intimate relationships and injuries in a person’s life and how that has affected them in the past and present. EMDR works to reprocess memories so that the brain recognizes them as being in the past and they no longer cause an overreaction in the human system.

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